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Vent, Aile, and Mom by Shreedle Vent, Aile, and Mom :iconshreedle:Shreedle 22 19 Derobe and Daine Matois by Shreedle Derobe and Daine Matois :iconshreedle:Shreedle 17 8 Mega Man Model He - Blossom by Shreedle Mega Man Model He - Blossom :iconshreedle:Shreedle 25 16 GIFT: Leto (BN4-6 Style) by Shreedle GIFT: Leto (BN4-6 Style) :iconshreedle:Shreedle 11 6 X Equals Ten (BN4-6 Style) by Shreedle X Equals Ten (BN4-6 Style) :iconshreedle:Shreedle 22 16 Roll! (BN4-6 Style) by Shreedle Roll! (BN4-6 Style) :iconshreedle:Shreedle 46 24
MMEXE: Three's Not a Crowd
The first time that Hub had had a child, he wasn't married.
It had purely been for science, to see if another Navi's data was compatible with Hub's. Of course, Hub being who he was, his father and brother had asked him for permission to perform something like that. They didn't want to make Hub a father against his will, after all, even if Lan was over the moon about being an uncle.
But Hub had seen Patch, his brother's baby. He'd played with him whenever he was in Copybot form, and he loved his nephew immensely. Even Lan had noticed that Hub would pick up Patch whenever the two of them were around, and Patch loved his "Uncle Mega".
"I want a child," Hub had said wistfully one day.
"Well, like Dad and I said, the offer is on the table," Lan told him with a shrug. "I'm sure that you and Roll have been wanting a child for awhile, once the two of you finally tie the knot."
While Hub and Roll had been wanting to get married for ages, they had agreed to wait until Mayl finished her doctorate
:iconshreedle:Shreedle 5 2
MMEXE: Light Those Flames
The Officials couldn't keep him in prison if they couldn't catch him, and other than his charges for working with the WWW? He had a relatively clean record.
The first thing Mr. Match had done after miraculously getting out of Alpha thanks to the Officials was rescue FlameMan. Sure, he wasn't the usual person, having three different Navis of his own, but each one of them had a burning passion for battle that suited him.
He was bored, though, and he needed to cause a little bit of mischief just to keep everyone on their toes.
DenDome seemed like the perfect place to do just that. Events were always held here, and a few bombs would cause a good scare. Sure, it probably wouldn't do enough damage to destroy it completely, but the damage would be done and there would be mayhem.
The Den City Tournament coming up was the perfect opportunity. He slid right through the preliminaries, was guaranteed a spot, and decided to go scope out the place several weeks before it started.
While scoping it ou
:iconshreedle:Shreedle 4 0
MMEXE: Coming Home
It had been the end.
Gospel had been completely dismantled, the Gospel members arrested, and the leader, a boy named Sean Obihiro, had been captured by Lan Hikari, Eugene Chaud Blaze, and the Officials.
There had been the question of where to put Sean. Obviously, they couldn't send him off to an ordinary orphanage - he would have issues relating to other children and the last thing a troubled child needed was that kind of environment. They couldn't put him in prison, despite his crimes - he was only a child, and he had the smarts to break himself out of most prisons if he ever wanted to.
Lan had pleaded with them to go easy on Sean, that Sean had had an extremely troubled past and wasn't completely to blame for his actions, and had seemed to be operating under the instructions of someone else. Apparently a strange Navi had approached Sean one day and had offered to help him make the world "a better place", which had led to the formation of Gospel.
In the end, an Official named Misaki G
:iconshreedle:Shreedle 3 4
Asphodel BN - Trill.EXE (Adult) by Shreedle Asphodel BN - Trill.EXE (Adult) :iconshreedle:Shreedle 7 10 Asphodel BN - MegamanJr.EXE / Stream.EXE by Shreedle Asphodel BN - MegamanJr.EXE / Stream.EXE :iconshreedle:Shreedle 8 8 Asphodel BN - X.EXE / Rian.EXE by Shreedle Asphodel BN - X.EXE / Rian.EXE :iconshreedle:Shreedle 8 10 Bifrost AU - Septimus (BN-Style) by Shreedle Bifrost AU - Septimus (BN-Style) :iconshreedle:Shreedle 8 2 Babylon AU - Xavier / X by Shreedle Babylon AU - Xavier / X :iconshreedle:Shreedle 9 0
MMEXE: Am I a Twin?
Lan supposed he should have expected the next question to come from Miss Yuri. The fact that his teacher, Miss Mari, had an identical twin that was also a teacher had peaked his interest, and he had ended up asking her several questions about it. And then she had asked him questions back.
"Are you a twin?"
It was a very simple question; a yes or a no. For the first time in his life, Lan wasn't sure how to answer the question - not because he didn't know the answer, but he knew that both possible answers were correct.
How did he answer this?
Lan remembered when he had been eight years old, just three years ago, before he had received MegaMan. He'd just celebrated his birthday, and his closest friends had come - Mayl and Dex and Yai and all of his classmates! It had been a great day, even if his father hadn't come home in time for the party; his mother had taken plenty of pictures.
He'd wanted to see the pictures from his earlier birthdays, too! So when his mom h
:iconshreedle:Shreedle 5 3
San Japan X (2017) Loot by Shreedle San Japan X (2017) Loot :iconshreedle:Shreedle 4 32
The majority of the art posted here is going to be Rockman/Megaman fanart, but in the case of literature, those will be a variety.


roll meddy by undernet5 roll meddy :iconundernet5:undernet5 26 1 your best friend by shiomikiki your best friend :iconshiomikiki:shiomikiki 203 4 6-16 by MeapChan 6-16 :iconmeapchan:MeapChan 4 3 X and his armor! by Megamanfan25 X and his armor! :iconmegamanfan25:Megamanfan25 15 1 Megaman X by yame83 Megaman X :iconyame83:yame83 10 0 Happy (Belated) Mega Man Day!! by Prixelpop Happy (Belated) Mega Man Day!! :iconprixelpop:Prixelpop 9 6 Prometheus and Pandora (Valhalla design) by LainValentine Prometheus and Pandora (Valhalla design) :iconlainvalentine:LainValentine 20 11 Roll by SunnyTheSunFlower Roll :iconsunnythesunflower:SunnyTheSunFlower 56 5 MegaMan X Fan-Armor: Dragon Armor by DarthCamiloElektech MegaMan X Fan-Armor: Dragon Armor :icondarthcamiloelektech:DarthCamiloElektech 3 0 Hanelim 6.10 by Sherra Hanelim 6.10 :iconsherra:Sherra 2 1

:iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 281 41
Stardew Valley - Magic Man by Hybridlizard Stardew Valley - Magic Man :iconhybridlizard:Hybridlizard 31 2 Stardew Valley - A Moment with Shane by AmayaMarieSuta Stardew Valley - A Moment with Shane :iconamayamariesuta:AmayaMarieSuta 14 8 stardew valley xd by yeyeyy stardew valley xd :iconyeyeyy:yeyeyy 58 2 Stardew Slimes by MagicallyClueless Stardew Slimes :iconmagicallyclueless:MagicallyClueless 36 5 Keepers of the Forest (Stardew Valley Anniversary) by Riiao Keepers of the Forest (Stardew Valley Anniversary) :iconriiao:Riiao 116 4
Well, just so you know, most of the stuff I fav is Megaman/Rockman stuff. So don't complain if that's what you see, 'kay?




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:star: Hi! I really like your sprite work! Can you help me with my awesome fan project? :star:

I'm flattered that you like my spritework, but... NO. PLEASE STOP ASKING. THE ANSWER IS "NO".

Read here for reasons, but it ultimately boils down to I don't feel like it. MOVED TO THE TOP AND STARRED BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T READ. EDIT: Apparently, even like this, people don't read..

Can I make art of your characters/interpretations?
Sure! I love fanart -- just ping me (using Shreedle) in every deviation so that I can see it! (And I mean every deviation, please.)

Why don't you make sprite sheets instead of single sprites?
Simply put: lack of both time and motivation. My sprites are more references for me so I don't forget what a character I designed looked like, and I'm not making games so no point in whole sheets.

Huh? Who're you?
I used to go by RandyPandy! I've had that name since I was 13 on the internet, so I wanted to change it to something that was a little less... awkward.

Pet Peeves:
Aka, things I generally don't like seeing on DeviantART:
-Untagged mature art. Don't care if it's porn or graphic violence, tag your stuff, not everyone wants to see it.
-Comparing people's characters to another character, whether it be an official character or someone else's OC. Not cool. No, it's not a compliment, it's an insult.

Commission Status: :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
Please click here for details. I'm always happy to take commissions. I'm starting a new job, and it's going to be taking a lot more of my time than I would like. I don't think I will have time to be taking anymore fanfic or sprite commissions, sorry. Current commissions will still be finished, but unpaid ones have no ETA.

Art Trade Status: :bulletblue: CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY :bulletblue:
I am fine with doing art trades that I consider of equal value (i.e., both parties get what they want and feel it was worth the trade). I'm willing to do simple vectors, sprites, and short stories / fanfics.

Request Status: :bulletorange::bulletblue: RARE & CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY :bulletblue::bulletorange:
I have the right to refuse a request for any reason. The easier the request, the more likely I am to do it. Please understand that I have no timeline for requests -- I can't guarantee that I'll do it in a timely manner -- if at all.

Tip: If I don't know you at all, you're not getting a request.

About Me
While I am generally easygoing and don't mind meeting people, my primary goal on dA is to post art and stay in touch with the people that I care about. I've met lots of great people, and got a good chance to hone my skills in different mediums.

I don't like confrontations or entering debates, and I hate having beliefs forced on me for multiple reasons. My opinions are my own, and if you think you'll have problems with me because I believe or ship something that you don't, then please leave.

Closest Friends
People I can trust with absolutely anything. :)

Commission To-Do List:
:bulletyellow: MMZX Fanfic for Bassiroth. Status: Not paid. Started.

Art Trade To-Do List:

Request To-Do List:
:bulletred: General Kyrie sprite for Genisay. Status: Not started.

Other dA To-Do List:
:bulletblack: None!
So, I went to San Japan X this weekend for all three days. :) Had a wonderful time there!

I went to five of the panels spread throughout the three days, though most were just attended out of curiosity.
-Rock, Man: Rock Music in Video Games
-Team Four Star Mostly 13+ Q&A
-Kingdom Hearts Discussion Panel
-Caleb Hyles' Live Concert (feat. DAGames)
-How to Self-Publish an E-Book

I also went to the concert by A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy, which is a small group including a string quartet, a pianist, and a few other instruments. This was the highlight of the con! They played a lot of amazing Final Fantasy pieces, including The Red Wings (FF4), Home Sweet Home (FF5), The Decisive Battle (FF6), One-Winged Angel (FF7), Zanarkand (FF10), and the Chocobo Theme.

Friday was mostly spent shopping in Artists' Alley and the Dealers' Room. Found some nice stuff and... spent a little more than I would have liked, whoops. Went to the first two panels, which were both in the evening.

Saturday was spent standing in line to get the tickets for the Final Fantasy concert, luckily getting them, and attending it. Also went to the next two panels, so I didn't shop that day at all. Spent a little bit of time making some bead jewelry since we had a few minutes before a panel. The only thing I bought was A New World's CD.

Sunday was the day that I actually cosplayed as Ash from Pokemon and got a few pictures taken~. I went to the last panel, doing some more shopping (and finding a couple of deals and things I hadn't noticed the first time around). There was a retro gaming room where I tried the Virtual Boy, though I had to stop after about five minutes because my eyes hurt, and a manga library where I spent some time reading Inubaka: Crazy About Dogs.

And of course, Sunday's closing ceremony was fun. They had cake. It was not a lie. :3 In fact, there were THREE cakes, including a chocolate one~.
  • Listening to: Hyadain's Rap de Chocobo
  • Reading: RP Docs
  • Watching: Hyadain's Rap de Chocobo
  • Drinking: Water


Sorry for the influx of BN fics all of a sudden, I'd actually posted them elsewhere awhile back but don't often feel like dealing with how dA handles literature.

Also had to deal with a broken fridge at home and a broken fan recently. At least it's getting cooler.


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